Des Chansons pour Tomb Raider VI

En Juillet 2003, lors de la sortie de Tomb Raider 6, deux chansons sont apparues dans les bacs parlant toutes deux du jeu, la première est la chanson officielle du jeu, sponsorisée par Eidos Interactive, et la deuxième est loin d'être officielle puisque les chanteurs s'en prennent à Lara et ses créateurs. Voici les chansons :

"Angel Of Darkness" | Alex C. featuring Yasmin K.

Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
The world is in your hand
But I will fight until the end


Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
Don't follow your command
But I will figth and I will stand


When darkness falls
Pain is all
The Angel of Darkness
Will leave behind
And I will fight


The love is lost
Beauty and light
Have vanished from
Garden of delight


The dreams are gone
Midnight has come
The darkness is our new kingdom


Hunt goes on

Deep in the night
Time to pray
Down on your knees
You can't hide from the

Eternal light
Until my last
breath I will fight...


Now realise

The stars they die
Darkness has
Fallen in paradise


But we'll be strong

And we will fight
Against the
Creatures of the night

"Tomb Raider UK" | 14-year Old Girls

Tomb Raider
I fucking hate you
Tomb Raider
Your frame rate is so low
Laura croft-piss off
Core design-piss off
Step forward
Step back
Turn around 3 times and jump
You'll blow the fuck up
Tomb Raider
You poly count is bad
Tomb Raider
Your level design is awful
Laura croft-piss off
Eidos-piss off
England-piss off
Tomb raider-piss off
I hate you so much